Cross-Company Co-Marketing Team

Background: Co-marketing effort between big Pharma and biotech is stressed by ineffective and suspicious leaders. New leadership brought into big Pharma, and senior management at both organizations clarify expectations that relationship issues be addressed; also offer support

Application: A&R blends elements from Collaboration, ETC! Goal Acceleration and Offsite Facilitation programs to address.

Approach: Clarified shared goal, and determined each individual’s commitment to reaching the goal. Identified personal leadership opportunities for each individual. Clarified how each person could step up individually to reach the goal, both with work performed, and in context of relationship / leadership skills. Established metrics and protocols. Used challenges to develop skills. Intervened in long standing "sandpapering" to identify root cause and new strategy for relationship. Leaders in both organizations built solid partnership, modeling this for others. Acknowledged individual risks and wins openly.

Results: Senior management in both organizations received unprompted testimonials from within and without the organization regarding dramatic change in relationship and effectiveness of the team.

Meaningful dialogue on barriers can be challenging to achieve as old discussion familiar patterns where listening is challenging becasue we "know" the viewpoint of others.

Agressive goals can be used to create a highly interactive, actionable-learning environment

Effective cross-functional teams must foster behaviors and communication strategies that build trust vs. bust trust.