Individual ETC! Goal Acceleration Program

Background: High Potential Executive is overwhelmed with work, putting in long hours, feeling frustrated by lack of impact, highly stressed, and guilty about not being at their best at home or at the office.

Approach: Set a meaningful goal and metric of success, delve into blocking beliefs and unconscious emotional patterns, set a specific plan of action in place, use whatever happens to modify the plan in the direction of the goal, establish an inner coaching plan to address core issues.

Results: "Well, it’s been four months since I completed the program. Since then, I have moved my entire family across the country, trained over 50 new sales specialists, held one management development seminar, developed training materials for a new launch product, and launched the new product. The great news is I am sitting here today, a little tired, but 95% in balance. "I wanted you to know what a positive impact you have had on me and my life. Not a day has gone by that I haven’t revisited the life lessons you taught me. My awareness of others’ feelings, balance, and need to feel wanted and recognized is increasing daily. I have set personal goals for myself to increase my ability to ‘put it tactfully on the table.’ I have you to thank. Hopefully, as you read this today, you will take a minute to stop and reflect on how much you are appreciated by those you are coaching."

Agressive goals can be used to create a highly interactive, actionable-learning environment