High Performance Team Goes to the Next Level

Backgound: Critical global team charged with launching a major new pharmaceutical drug is performing well, but highly stressed and working in non sustainable manner. Company fears loss of vital employees; team stuck in familiar pattern of 'this can't be changed'.

Application: A&R Change Management Program

Approach: Introduced concept of 'ease and grace'. Identified how specific unconscious behaviors add time, stress, resources. Improved ablity to address systemic challenges with greater 'ease and grace' through indroduction of new skills, attitudes and approaches. Think differently about the challenges, identify core issue, and apply new skills to create different results with less time and less stress.

Results: Team summarized results as follows:
  • Lower stress – a more sustainable level
  • Higher productivity/effectiveness
  • Sense of greater control over difficult situations
  • Clearer/more effective communication
  • Collaboration / relationships strengthened
  • Greater appreciation/utilization of one another's skills
  • Deeper understanding of root cause of issues and techniques to address
  • Probably retention of people (prior situation not sustainable)

Agressive goals can be used to create a highly interactive, actionable-learning environment